The concept



Since the very beginning of Les Fumées Blanches, François knew there was a specific demand for a great Sauvignon Blanc from France. The market wanted a wine that could at the same time over-deliver and be serious for a good value. This variety is so dear and natural to him as producing wines such as the Sauvignon Blanc de Bordeaux, Humo Blanco (Chile), Alta Coleccion (Argentina) and Hermanos Lurton (Spain).


There are no other producers who can gallantly present the same quality for the same value. It has taken several years to build this reliable quality for important volumes. Moreover, François has several other Sauvignon Blancs that do not “cannibalize” Les Fumées Blanches.


The winemaking team is constantly bringing innovation to the wine. There is also a very decisive connection among grape suppliers who have been working with François for more than 20 years. But mainly it is the consumer who really makes the wine live and grow.


Several wines have come and gone to face competition with Les Fumées Blanches. So far it has been standing on the podium ever since it was launched, proving to be strong and reliable.


In all the vineyards of France, Sauvignon Blanc shows different profiles. François has a special interest for Loire (minerality), Languedoc (for full bodied wine) and Gascony (for the thiols). Tasting the wine speak for itselves. Finding the balance and identity is the key for Les Fumées Blanches.


The wine is vibrant, vigorous and fresh, it brings novelty to the world of wine. The bright and crisp acidity carries the modern and pure level of fruit ripeness.